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Thuyết minh về 1 thể loại văn học: Văn học thiếu nhi


Văn học thiếu nhi (Children’s literature) is one of the most important genres of Vietnamese literature. It is aimed at readers who are children and teenagers, with the intention of educating, entertaining, and imparting valuable life lessons to young readers. This type of literature occupies an important place in the literary landscape of Vietnam, and its importance can be traced back to the country’s rich history of storytelling. In this article, we will explore the characteristics, importance, and significance of children’s literature in Vietnam.

The Importance of Children’s Literature:

Many people view children’s literature as being unimportant when compared to other genres of literature, but this is a misconception. Children’s literature plays a very important role in the development of young readers, and it has been shown to have a lasting impact on their lives. According to numerous studies, exposure to literature at a young age has the potential to increase children’s creativity, their vocabulary, and their critical thinking skills. Through stories, children can learn valuable life lessons, develop empathy, and gain a fuller understanding of the world around them.

Characteristics of Children’s Literature:

The characteristics of children’s literature in Vietnam are similar to those of children’s literature in other countries, but there are some unique traits that set it apart. The stories are often simple, straightforward, and easy to understand, written in a way that makes them accessible to young readers. The themes and messages in these stories are often centered around the virtues that are important to Vietnamese culture, such as respect for elders, hard work, and perseverance.

The use of animals is also a common trait in Vietnamese children’s literature, with animal characters being used as a way to teach children important lessons in a way that is fun and engaging. The use of animal characters also allows for creativity and imagination to play a significant role in the stories, as children can easily relate to animals and their personalities.

Another characteristic of Vietnamese children’s literature is the emphasis on communalism. Vietnamese culture places great importance on community and the collective, and this is often reflected in children’s literature. Stories often feature characters that work together to overcome challenges, with an emphasis on the importance of teamwork and cohesiveness.

Significance and impact of Children’s Literature:

There is no denying the significance and impact that children’s literature has on young readers. In Vietnamese culture, stories have been used for centuries as a way to pass down traditions and values from one generation to the next. Children’s literature plays an important role in continuing this tradition, by imparting important life lessons to young readers in a way that is engaging and enjoyable for them.

But the significance of children’s literature goes beyond just imparting these lessons to children. It also acts as a source of national pride and identity. Vietnamese children’s literature is infused with distinct Vietnamese cultural elements, from the themes and messages to the use of animals and the emphasis on communalism. This helps to foster a sense of national pride and identity in young readers, as they learn about their culture and heritage through these stories.


Children’s literature is an important genre of Vietnamese literature that plays a critical role in the development of young readers. It is a genre that is often overlooked or dismissed, but its importance cannot be overstated. Through stories, children can learn valuable life lessons, develop their creativity and imagination, and gain a fuller understanding of the world around them. Vietnamese children’s literature is uniquely linked to Vietnamese culture, serving as a source of national pride and identity. Its significance cannot be understated, and it will continue to play an important role in the literary landscape of Vietnam for generations to come.

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